Guitar Complete


Finally finished the 3/4 scale guitar for my son, just in time for Christmas. He still has a few years before he will be big enough to actually play it but, it seems everyone in the family was getting a guitar this year and we couldn’t leave him out.

3/4 scale guitar completly finished

3/4 scale guitar completly finished

The sunburst effect turned out to be pretty easy just free handing it with the spray paint. Originally, I tried doing it with the wood dye but I couldn’t get it dark enough.

After several coats of lacquer and wet sanding, I buffed it with Scratch-X before finishing it off with regular car wax.

I snapped one of the strings the first time I tried to string it. All I had on had where some acoustic strings but they will work for now.

When I first assembled the electronics, you could hear a lot of static in the onboard speaker. I am pretty sure I had a loose ground wire. After playing with it for a while, it went away. I guess I’ll worry about it if/when it comes back.

Playing it through an external amp, it actually sounds pretty good. It needs some work getting it setup. Right now the strings are too high and the truss rod probably needs to be adjusted.

Overall this was a very satisfying project.


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