Home Automation


I recently began building a home automation system. I have always been interested in developing a smart home and I have several x10 modules from years ago. I know there are a lot of base packages you could purchase or download to get started but, where is the fun in that.

When we designed our house, I paid special attention to the entertainment needs for a growing family. In our basement, we have allocated space for a dedicated IDF. The basement is still unfinished so there are no walls at this time but, there is a full 42u rack and a 4′x8′ sheet of plywood holding the components as it gets developed.


Having a background in php web development, I decided it would be a good place to start building the interface for my system. I purchased a contact closure board from Controlanything.com and used an open source serial library. It works so well that I’ll probably purchase the relay board in the future.

In a later posts I’ll outline some of the hardware and software components I am using.



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